Pocket Wedding Invitations


What are pocket wedding invitations?


Pocket wedding invitations are a hip and modern alternative to the standard, large-size invitations that most of us clearly identify as being the "gold standard" in terms of wedding invitations. What makes a pocket wedding invitation so special and different from the other types of invitations out there? Well, it's made in the form of a pocket - yes, a pocket wedding invitation takes on the shape of a pocket! This very cool style of invitation offers all of the components of the wedding invite, including the written details, on a single sheet of paper that is inserted inside of the pocket part of the invite. Other components of a wedding invitation, such as an RSVP card or a map with directions, can also be tucked inside the pocket part of a pocket wedding invitation.


Pocket wedding invitations aren't difficult to design. If you have the right materials, or you purchase an do-it-yourself kit, you shouldn't have much trouble with putting together your own special set of pocket invitations. In fact, making pocket wedding invitations on your own can be a less expensive option, since you won't have to worry about paying a printer a large amount of money just to have specially designed invitations.


The nice thing about pocket wedding invitations is that they keep all of the pertinent details of the invitation, as well as all of its "accessories" in one place.



What should I know about purchasing pocket wedding invitations?


If you would like to purchase pocket wedding invitations, the first thing you'll need to decide is if you're going to make them yourself, or if you would like a designer to create them for you. If you choose to make pocket wedding invitations yourself, you'll need to make sure you have all of the appropriate materials on hand. Pocket style invitations are often complex and fancily designed, so you'll need plenty of paper materials and inserts and overlays, and decorative items such as ribbons, tassels, and decorative charms and stick-ons, and other items. A craft store is the perfect source for everything you'll need to fashion your own pocket wedding invitations.


If you would rather someone else create your pocket wedding invitations, you'll want to shop around in order to get the best possible deal.