Wedding Place Cards


What are wedding place cards?


If there's one thing you need to know about planning a wedding, it's that organization is key. There's a reason why wedding planners and event organizers get paid as much as they do - they devote one hundred and ten percent of their time and efforts to ensure that your wedding goes smoothly, and without a single hitch. So if you're going to be planning your own wedding, or will simply be assisting with the planning of a wedding for a family member or friend, you will definitely want to remember one key word: organization. Before you even start making any wedding-related plans, make sure that you have a planner or an organizer, as they will help you keep track of everything that needs to be done in preparation for the wedding. Also, make sure you're ready to stock up on wedding planning essentials. Essentials for planning a wedding include lists and wedding place cards. Wedding place cards are the fancy (or sometimes simply) designed cards or place cards that dictate who will be sitting where at the wedding ceremony, and again at the wedding reception.



How do I go about setting up wedding place cards?


The key to using wedding place cards efficiently is to make sure that they are designed well enough for you and your guests to be able to read them easily. Use large, easy-to-read fonts and a crisp pen or printer to ensure that names, titles and guest numbers are clearly written out and thus easy to decipher. Don't be afraid to use a large, bold font that is printed in black. You can even go for the option of capitalizing all of the letters that are in each name. Keep the names of your wedding place cards simple, and then expand the design to the cards themselves. Use fancy borders and inlays to create a signature look for your wedding place cards. You can also rely on fancy place card holders to complete the look of your wedding theme.


Make sure to purchase enough wedding place cards so that each guest has their own card. Use wedding place cards to help set up seating arrangements at the wedding, and later at the wedding reception. If you'd like, you can also use wedding place cards to help organize buffet tables, drink tables, dessert tables, etc.